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IC Event is an expert and consultant in the field of incentive travel and its use as a motivation that truly brings economic results. The guarantee of the quality of IC Event services is the sharing of quality management, sharing of services (we are the IATA agency authorized to issue air tickets) among the divisions of our company, but also own marketing brand, corporate client focused team and performance management taking customer′s priorities into account.

Our strength: • financial: IATA accredited office (which has to meet demanding economic aspects)

• quality: we have our own quality management and client satisfaction system.

The quality of education of sales and support team members is very important to us. We benefit from their knowledge and experience from foreign universities and foreign companies. Passion for travelling, exploring different cultures and countries is an important aspect in choosing people for our company. We acknowledge the values ​​that we have tied in the corporate culture and mission of our company: travelling is a way of getting to know people and increasing their wealth, good relationships are the base of society growth, bringing benefits to society and ourselves is as important as bringing benefits to our region.

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 Michaela Musilová

+420 577 700 489


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