Incentive in Lvov

June 2019

Again, another group of satisfied clients returned from the incentive trip, visited Ukrainian Lviv at the time of the well-known JAZZ festival, which enhanced their experience and the overall atmosphere of their stay.

Teambuilding in Georgia

May 2019

We were all excited from Georgia and would like to come back here. We were intrigued by beautiful nature, nice and hospitable people, culture and old monasteries in the hills. We had a great guide Sergei who spoke very nice English, so even the less proficient understood him. Translated into Czech by David, "a guy from the Czech Republic" who lives and works in Georgia. Both of them quickly understood what kind of group we were (and we appreciated a lot, the guides do not always fit with the clients) and adapted to us and at the same time we managed everything that was planned. We had a really demanding programme, we wanted to see as many places as possible.

Okatse Canyon - beautiful.

Tbilisi is a very beautiful city, even there is a "barn" street (which is renowned in Ostrava), so we had to visit it in the evening.

Restaurant overlooking the city and evening seating, beautifully lit sights - experience.

The choice of restaurants was also great and we were amazed how much food we got and it was really delicious.

The hotels were also of a very good standard, including services.

We also got acquainted with local crafts - wool processing + production of traditional Georgian food. Again interesting.

We enjoyed the most hiking in Kazbegi. The 5000m high mountain of Kazbeg has shown us in all its beauty. We watched it both from the hotel and from 2200 meters, where we visited the old monastery. Along the way you admire the hills, greenery, rocks, snow on the tops of the mountains. Beautiful!!

As for transport, we had a minibus with leather seats all the time. The driver was still cleaning, polishing it.

So in the end I can highly recommend Georgia, the Agency did a great job !! Thank you!!

Teambuilding in Madeira

May 2019

 We only had 3.5 days to explore Madeira, so we had a busy schedule again to see the most interesting places.

Pico Arieiro, the greatest experience for me. You are at the top of the mountains, all around the hills and you can see clouds below.

The selection of restaurants was successful, we tried all the local specialties and of course wine. Poncha - local brandy is great mainly with the flavor of maracuja (we liked it the most) Just watch the quantity. It's really high in alcohol.

 In Funchal we visited the local market, where you can taste fruits that you will not find here. Interesting was a tour of the lava cave, and be sure to visit the restaurant, where you can taste local beef skewers Estepada and experience a folklore evening. The ocean was only 19 degrees, but we could not miss swimming in Porto Moniz. When you are in Madeira you have to visit the Levades, it is a pleasant walk through the forest (you choose shorter or longer routes), you feel the "different" air. The tropical garden, the cable car to Monte, the original houses in which they lived (or some still live) are definitely worth seeing.

If you want to see beautiful nature, you like to explore, Madeira is the right place to visit.

We again had a great program from the travel agency, which we coordinated together.

 The guide we had, has been living in Madeira for 13 years, is very well-read, so she can actually answer everything.

Event for the Dutch football team Feyenoord

August 2018

The big event took place in the summer of 2018, when the Dutch football club Feyenoord competed with AS Trenčín in Žilina in the third round of the European League. We were contacted regarding the organization of accommodation, transfers, meals and other services. Even though they did not win, all the organization turned out very well and went smoothly for 3 days.


Teambuilding on the skies

February 2017

The hotel resort Pichlmayrgut had everything we needed. For non-skiers spacious wellness with outdoor heated swimming pool, tennis and squash courts, and for skiers even at the time of the outfit well-groomed slopes in the large Schladming area. The kitchen was unique!

Teambuilding in Rome

April 2017

The trip was successful. The guide knew Rome perfectly and helped us to solve the loss of documents without feeling it on the quality of the trip. We have seen everything and even those who were already in Rome were not bored. Thank you.

River cruise on the luxury boat with All Inclusive

April 2014

We received a cruise on the Danube from our employer as a reward. We have experienced various teambuildings, but cruise on the river by luxury boat not yet. We were pleasantly surprised by this type of travel. We could relax in the wellness area or sunbathe on board while the boat was sailing and exploring the Danube towns when the boat was moored in the harbor. The staff was very nice and helpful. There was a wide selection of drinks at the bar and we talked about the gourmet food long after the cruise.

Switzerland by train

September 2012

We were accompanied by a great fan and expert of Swiss railways, Mr. Petr Čermák, thanks to which we learned maximum about rail transport in Switzerland. We went to the highest railway station in Europe, passed the most famous Bernina Express train, tasted Swiss fondue and raclette. The nature and mountains of Switzerland are wonderful. We were excited.

How to cook real Hungarian Goulash

srpen 2011

Cooking goulash with Hungarian goulash master Szándór Cszányi has been a great success. We then cooked the Hungarian goulash in the cauldron on the roof of our company to other colleagues. The whole teambuilding was in the spirit of Hungarian traditions with folk music and instruments. The more skilled have learned to crack the whip and blow the horn. We learned how traditional cheese is made and how freshly baked bread tastes in the oven as well as Hungarian moonshine/spirit :-)

Israel by foot

May 2011

The pilgrimage of Jesus Trail from Nazareth to Kafarnam was over 60 km. We saw a lot of beautiful places like Zippori National Park, Kana and we also visited the sanctuary of Druzú. We ate in kibbutzes, with local Arabic Christians, in restaurants and we always liked it. The rest part of the stay was swimming in the Dead Sea and exploring Tel Aviv.



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